Zavod za sodobne umetnosti in kulture Gulag

Zavod za sodobne umetnosti in kulture Gulag

    Gulag is a group of visual artists and poets, social scientist:
    feminists and anthropologists, formally joined in a non-governmental organisation. Our main commitment lies in finding artistic solutions to reflect, cope with, ironize, distort and change our social environment; to react with engaged action to radical changes, happening at the moment in our society.

    We invent:

    Performances and street interventions, monitoring social control, underlying violence and intercultural repression

    Emerging art exhibitions with special focus on the body, gender, sculpturing and new media

    Inovative poetry workshops

    New ways to expose and radicalise poetry

    Lectures and seminars on contemporary art practices in relation to humanistic studies

    New cooperation among visual, performative art and literature

    Sculptures, puppets, stage props and scenography, mascots, making of moulds

    Artist books