Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian

  • Kdaj: 2.8.20 ob 10.00
  • Kje: E!
  • Epizoda: 3
  • Sezona: 1
  • Starostna omejitev: TV-PG

Revenge-ance & Uber-entitled

Having lost both parents as a teen, Jill has long been an emotional eater. Khloé and her hand-picked experts, including celebrity trainer Simone de la Rue, help Jill rediscover her true self, and show her sister that she's back on her feet for good. A recent transplant to America, Sukhda is a "poor little rich girl" from India who wants to prove to both herself and her judgmental friends that she can win the battle of the bulge. Both Khloé and fitness guru Latreal Mitchell try to prop this princess up but can Sukhda overcome her entitled ways to get her Revenge Body?

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