Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian S2

  • Kdaj: 10.3.18 ob 9.00
  • Kje: E!
  • Epizoda: 4
  • Sezona: 2
  • Starostna omejitev: TV-PG

Lost Identity & Never Been Kissed

Shayla’s life and identity fell apart when she found out that the man she thought was her father for the last 35 years actually isn’t. With Khloé’s help Shayla goes on a journey of discovering who she really is, and works with celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue on both her inner and outer strength. Kevin has been bullied his entire life and is tired of being the "fat kid". Celebrity Trainer Luke helps Kevin become the man he wants to be and gets him one step closer to his first kiss!

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