Spored Discovery Science danes: Dokumentarne oddaje

Za izbrano zvrst na ta dan ni oddaj.

0.20 Mythbusters: Supernatural Shooters 
1.10 Mythbusters: Video Games Special 
2.00 Mythbusters: The A-Team Special 
2.48 Mythbusters: The Simpsons Special 
3.36 How It&#39 s Made: Prams, Factory-Built Homes, Wood Flutes, Bicycle Tyres
4.00 How It&#39 s Made: Thinning Shears, Wagon Wheels
4.24 How It&#39 s Made: Iron Bathtubs, Hopi Kachina Dolls
4.48 How It' s Made: 1000th Product 
5.12 How It&#39 s Made: Paper Fans, Walnut Oil, Copper
6.00 How Do They Do It?: Episode 5 
6.24 Mythbusters: Transformers 
7.12 Mythbusters: Star Wars - The MythsStrike Back
8.00 Mythbusters: Unfinished Business 
8.48 Mythbusters: Flights Of Fantasy 
9.36 Mythbusters: Dangerous Driving 
10.24 How to Build... Everything: Rise Of TheSkyscraper
10.48 How to Build... Everything: SatellitesDeclassified
11.12 How to Build... Everything: RocketshipRevealed
11.36 How It&#39 s Made: Native Healing Drums, Raisins, Stereoscopic Viewers, Ribbon Microphones
12.00 How It&#39 s Made: Horse Bits, Oat Cereal, Turquoise Jewelry
12.24 How It&#39 s Made: Nail Nippers, Jade Putters, Ice Cider
12.50 How It&#39 s Made: Stagecoaches, Road Reflectors
13.14 How It&#39 s Made: Replica Clay Pipes, Drinking Fountains
13.38 How It&#39 s Made: Tissues, Travel Trailers, Slippers, Motorcycle Helmets
14.02 How It&#39 s Made: U-Locks, Teepees, Croissants, Rolling Luggage
14.26 How It&#39 s Made: Noise Barrier Walls, Front-Load Washers, Bourbon
14.50 How It&#39 s Made: Railway Bridge Ties, Membrane Filters, Bi-Planes
15.14 Extreme Engineering: Turkey&#39 s Mammoth Hydropowered Dam
16.02 Incredible Engineering Blunders: Fixed:Episode 1, 1. del
16.50 Incredible Engineering Blunders: Fixed:Episode 2, 2. del
17.40 Incredible Engineering Blunders: Fixed:Episode 3, 3. del
18.30 Incredible Engineering Blunders: Fixed:Episode 4, 4. del
19.20 Abandoned Engineering: Roads To Nowhere 
20.10 Blowing Up History: Secrets Of TheAcropolis
21.00 Blowing Up History: Secrets Of The MayaPyramid
21.50 Blowing Up History: Medieval CathedralMysteries
22.40 Blowing Up History: Secrets OfWestminster Palace
23.30 How the Universe Works: Finding The NewEarth
0.20 Secret Space Escapes: Secret MaydayMission
1.10 Secret Space Escapes: Point of No Return 
2.00 Secret Space Escapes: Fatal Re-Entry 
2.48 Secret Space Escapes: Stranded 
3.36 Secret Space Escapes: Gasping for Air 
4.24 How to Build... Everything: Rise Of TheSkyscraper
4.48 How to Build... Everything: SatellitesDeclassified