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    When we talk about the path of personal growth and development, we often face different difficulties, challenges, and obstacles. Who or what stands in our way?
    Professor Vlado Ilic, a long time teacher of family constellations/ order of love and one of the most recognized teachers internationally, with more than 37 000 individual constellations says:
    "It sounds paradoxical, but experience shows that we ourselves create the biggest obstacles or blockages on our path of growth and development. Sometimes we are aware of it, but most of the time it’s completely unconscious to us. Since the unconscious is based on emotional intelligence, the School of Life and order of love is an ideal place where we can in silence and without words, face the cause of the symptoms that overwhelm us. In that way, we can free ourselves from the chains of transgenerational patterns, which don’t allow us to live life here and now, in love that has a future.
    Sometimes clients think that they must have accurate information about the possible suffering of their ancestors that may be the cause for their blockages and suffering in this life here and now. However, from experience I can say that the universal field of knowledge "works" very precisely without any cognitive information of the client. Our individual, family, and collective unconscious remembers everything. Our soul remembers, knows, recognizes, and with the help of the tools of family constellations transforms the blockages into sources of old strength and new zest for life. But for that, courage is necessary- courage to transform and surrender to the unknown..."
    More at the tree-day international seminar which starts with the free introductory lecture on

    Friday,May 15th 2021 in Zagreb.


    e mail: zagreb@orderoflove.com 

    cell: 00385 91 720 2878

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    Vrstni red ljubezni z Vladom Ilićem v Zagrebu
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    Vrstni red ljubezni z Vladom Ilićem v Zagrebu
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