• Kaj: Alternativa, urbana
  • Kdaj: torek, 16.7.2019 od 20.00 do 1.00
  • Kje: Hangar Bar, Izola
  • Prireditelj: Hangar Bar
  • Vstopnina: Simbolična vtopnina

Groove beats meets smooth speech. Beatox’s soulful rhythm and poetry is backed by a live jazz-hop outfit. Heavily influenced by the jazz-inspired vibe of early ‘90s east coast hip-hop, Beatox mixes beatboxing, rhythm, and poetry, with live instrumentation. The outcome: laid-back and high-energy into a satisfaction-guaranteed performance for hip hop heads and music lovers alike.

With notable performances at the International Winnipeg Jazz Festival, Jazz Ma’Mlade (Slovenia), and Winnipeg New Music Festival, Beatox is known in the music scene for being prolific and creative while consistently debunking the scatterbrained artist myth - doing everything from booking international tours to videography, to marketing and promoting himself and even other artists around the world.

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