LiveLove Valentine's day show: Rich&Mean

  • Kaj: Beatbox Blues Rock HipHop Rap Country
  • Kdaj: četrtek, 14.2.2019 od 20.00 do 23.00
  • Kje: Žmauc, Ljubljana
  • Prireditelj: Zavod Orbita
  • Vstopnina: Brez vstopnine

Beatbox Blues Hip-Hop Country Rap Rock
Live love Music SHOW on the Valentine's Day!

Miha Erič - RICH
Miha Erič - the RICH straight from the Beach. Is a multiinstrumentalist giving service on the harmonicas and lap steel guitar in all his evil glory. In his everyday life he is well known for his detailed dark ilustrations in the most heavy graphical medium known to mankind utilizing sharp dangerous knives to achive the results which willalways blow your mind of by just looking straight into thecanvasses.
You don’t mess with this guy!

Domen Gazvoda - MEAN
Domen misspelld - The Demon - is the MEAN motherfather of the show.
Bringing in beatboxing skills straight from the denatal oral cavity. He is also interested in pretty design of beautiful things which he does as a hobby only in his free time and just for fun.
Huahuahua (evil laughter)....

Contribution to musicians 4 €

With Love!

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Vir: Zavod Orbita,

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