SANGAM - srečanje glasbenih tradicij

KUD Raga Slovenia ( represents the third concert from the cycle Ancient Indies of India: SANGAM - MEETING OF MUSIC TRADITION, which will be on the 7th of December at ICPE Auditorium at Dunajska 104 and Ljubljana!

Performed by:
IVANA KOCHEVAR - bansuri solo
EMILIO BEZZI AND ROHAN DASGUPTA: - Renaissance lute - sitar duet
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"Sanang" in Sanskrit means the confluence of the rivers Ganges and Yamuna, which will be presented through the music by the premiere concert by duo Milan Lutista Emilia Bessia and Indian sitarist Rohan Dasgupta under the title theme.
In the first part, Ivana Kočevar will perform on the bamboo flute bansuri, while the Slovenian pioneer on the boards - Borut Žerdoner will join the musicians.
An exceptional concert from a well-known series of concerts of Indian music is expected. The
pre-sale price is 10 €. You can buy it
at all Petrol pumps or online at

Tickets will be pre-sale by June 6, then the price will be 12 €.

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