JAMo bend' s the greatest event

Ladies and Gentelmen, It is about time to announce our second event after Alter club. On this event will be mostly preformed our original songs with some of covers made in our own genre. There will be as well as some of great musicians following our event... Who will be on the event You will find out when You will get there.. :-)

See Yaa in Prulček bar 14.11.2017 

JAMo is a Slovenian Jam Band from Ljubljana. JAMo formed in April 2013! JAMo performs original songs as well as covers and traditional folk songs.

Miha Megušar - Percussion, accustic guitar, keyboard, lead vocal;
Samo Kogoj - rhythm guitar, back vocal;
Bogomir Čebela - lead guitar, keyboard, vocal and block flute.
Kristina Podbevšek - keyboard

Vir: Prulček, Napovednik.com