Concrete Jelly (IT)

> take nothing too seriously, but music

The band Concrete Jellÿ was founded in late 2013, but the definitive and current line-up was established only during 2014. It started as a cover band of major rock bands of all time, with some excursions in blues, prog and jazz.

The guys always focused on live shows, having more than 25 gigs in one year, in clubs, pubs, theaters and small festivals in North-Eastern Italy, Slovenia and Austria. During this time, the guys also started writing their own songs. On December 3rd 2015 they released their first self-produced album, "3", a concept album based on the life of an old rock star and… well, dinosaurs. In the end, Concrete Jellÿ are just a bunch of friends, who like to have fun and take nothing too seriously, but music.

Francesco Braida - Guitar & Voice
Sebastiano Belli - Drums
Matteo Monai- Bass & Voice
Sebastiàn Gerlini- Guitar

Vir: Prulček,