El Kachon

Tina Gerbec Radaković - Vocal
Tomi Perinčič - Guitar, slide guitar & vocal
Andrej Barbič - Krt - Guitar, harp & vocal
Sondža - Bass & vocal
Žiga Dobravc - Drums
Primož Malenšek - PimpS - Percussion
Aleš Dravinec - Audio engineer

El Kachon is definitely unique creation of Slovenian music scene. The easiest way it could be characterized is as progressive blues rock band.

El Kachon is the power of the cosmic energy. The bearer of the seed of universal love. El Kachon is not just the band, it's all those vibes and emotions that music, especially blues, can express in its deep, sometimes almost mystical way. El Kachon is time machine, which takes you to the place where everybody feels connected as one. El Kachon is primal, it's sincere and heading your way.

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